New Setup, Speaker Terminal Sockets?


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Hi all,

I'm currently doing the wiring for my new system in a new extension and wondering if there is such thing as a socket i can mount in the wall like a plug which has speaker connections on it so I can keep the speaker wires neat instead of just hanging out the walls?

I'm thinking a multi speaker connection near the amp and little twin poles near the speakers?



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There are lots of manufacturers who supply all manner of Speaker wall sockets for a single speaker or for behind a multi-channel AVR (remember to allow for a Sub cable too) - personally I tend to avoid them as unnecessary cost and unwanted breaks in the cable runs.

What style of loudspeaker are you looking to install?



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I totally understand, just trying to keep things neat. As the walls are to be plastered and i'm currently doing socket back boxes, sounds like a good idea to terminate the cables so it's neat.

The front speakers are floor standing Kef's and the rears are bookshelf Mission speakers.


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Have a look at Speakon connectors. Used by the pros for years, they are available in 4 pole and 8 pole - plus a 2 pole that fits the 4 pole socket but only uses 1 pair of contacts.

You could use a couple of the 8 pole at the amplifier end and then 4 poles for each speaker if you need bi-wiring or 2 pole for conventional single cable wiring. Neat, easy to terminate and robust.

You can get pre-mounted wall plates and rack plates along with just the connectors, so plenty of mounting options. They are also the same cutout as an XLR connector, so easy to get the hole cutters etc.

I use a 4 pole to run to my sub and very robust and neat it looks too.


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I've used socket face plates before and personally I'd just use suitable brush plates most of the time in preference.

My last place I spent way more than is necessary on done lovely brushed effect plates but then they end up hidden anyway, they didn't even make life easier really as I only setup the system once or twice before moving out.


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When you bring your cables out of their back boxes, make sure that you leave about 1m of speaker cable, then just bring them through brush plates and terminate the speaker cables with banana plugs. Easier and cheaper than speaker plates (I use both speaker plates and brush plates, brush plates are easier to install, sound wise they are both the same.)
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