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Hi, I'm a long time lurker in these forums and posting for the first time.
I've been researching for a few weeks on an upgrade to my really old Harman Kardon Soundsticks II and I'm trying to clarify loads of questions I've been piling on during my research. Hopefully I can get some clarity from your expertise.

The room is around 5x4m, and the setup is to power 2 passive speakers connected to an amp which connects a TV and a Technics SL-1200 MK2 turntable.
I also want to be able to cast/wifi stream (bluetooth streaming optional) from Spotify possibly using a Chromecast Audio dongle.

Wanted to avoid to have to buy a subwoofer but the amp can have the sub out (neighbors would complain) and I'm not thinking of expanding to a 5.1 setup anytime soon. Also wanted to avoid having huge speakers, they wouldn't fit properly in the small room.

I will use it to watch movies so dialogues need to be listenable and listening to Jazz, Rock, Metal and some TripHop.
I'll be listening from 1.5m to 3 meters away from the speakers so not near field but not that far.

For passive speakers - price range 150$-300$:

  • PSB Alpha P5 which I can get them for great price and have positive reviews:

PSB Alpha P5 loudspeaker

  • Q Acoustics 3020i that looks great size but I fear they don't compete with the P5s and will require a sub
3020i From Q Acoustics : The Ayes Have It - The Audiophile Man

  • Monitor Audio Bronze 2 "What HIFI recommendation" but worried about some reviews and how they compare to the P5 or 3020i
Home review

Monitor Audio Bronze 2s sound pretty bad...?

Main questions are:
  • How do they compare? My idea is that P5's are better for music and 3020i will be better for movies?
  • Do I need a subwoofer for all of them, specially do I need it for the P5?
  • Should I be looking at other speakers in this price range? Any recommendation?
For the amp I want to make sure it supports digital inputs since I want to have a Chromecast Audio connected to it so I can cast Spotify.
It also needs to have pre amp integrated so I can connect my turntable to it.
I also have a limitation on height of 15cm due to the shelve its going to be on (so no Yamaha's since they seem to be 15cm) - price range 250$ - 350$:

  • Onkyo A-9130 Integrated Amplifier has digital inputs and is not a bad brand
  • Marantz PM6006 UK Edition - better sound and build than the Onkyo but some users have reported some noise in the digital inputs:
Question - Marantz PM6006 UK - buzzing on digital inputs solved?
  • Cambridge Audio Topaz sr20 - could be a good alternative but can only get it refurbished
Main questions:
  • Will the amp shut down when idle - if no music is playing through it? Will it turn on automatically as soon as I start casting from Spotify?
  • Is this the expected way of casting music to the speakers by using the digital inputs of the amp?
  • Will a refurbish amp be a risk or is it completely safe to buy refurbish?
  • Will the Marantz or the CA be able to power the P5s or the 3020i?
  • Do I connect the TV to the digital inputs too? Or should it be another type of connection? RCA?
  • Will the amp switch the source automatically if I'm playing the TV and then decide to cast something or play a record with the turntable? What do I need to achieve this?
  • Any other recommendation that would fit my needs for the amp?
Just a few more general questions that I have:
  • It's not obvious if cable quality is a big factor or not and AudioQuest cables are being suggested to me. Should I use AudioQuest cables to get the optimal SQ of the system?
  • What type of cables do I need to buy to connect the TV, the speakers and the Chromecast Audio to the amp?
  • Looking at some Atacama speaker stands. Are these a good option for the P5s or the 3020i?
    Nexus i Speaker Stands 500mm (19.7") | Atacama Audio UK

I know it's a lot of questions but it would help me a great deal in trying to figure out a potential setup.
Really grateful for your input!

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