New setup not picking up all freqs. (28*E)



Hi All,

I moved into a new flat several months ago. there is a dish on the roof. (i think its shared but i cant be sure). but it is the older type of dish. i am unsure if there is another one in a different location but it dosnt look like it.

i have plugged my FTA box in to ensure its pointing to the correct satellite.
it appears to be picking up a large number of FTA channels along with Encrypted ones (displaying SKY channel names).

there are a number of channels both FTA and encrypted that i am unable to recieve.

i have taken a look at my TP settings, and manually entered the settings from the following site:

when i enter information for channels i know works, a nice strong signal is shown, however ones that down work, show very week signals (as if no signals there).

the signals i cant pick up are between freqs. i can pick up. both beams are affected.

there is no management as such, and the building is privately owned by the respective flats. and if its anyones job its mine.

sorry for the long post, but i hope i have been clear and given enough information.

is this an alignment problem or could it be a dish / other problem?



i meant to say that i am looking at getting sky digital, but just want to ensure the current dish is correctly positioned.


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Which... 'the signals i cant pick up are between freqs. i can pick up. both beams are affected...'

Could you give an example of the frequencies and channels that you're trying to get?


it appears anything from 2D i cant pick up,

More4, any of the Sky Sports, a number of the movie channels, Ch4 + 1, is a very weak signal,

Sky Two and Three i also cant get, anything BBC (i think they are mostly on 2D)

i can pick up {11739 V} but not a number of freqs. around that.
i.e. i cant pick up anything on {11758 H} or {11817 V}
but i can also pick up {11895 V}

there are loads more, but ill leave it at that for now.


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From what you describe it sounds like a dish alignment problem and/or if it's a communal system some distribution problem.
Have you/can you check with neighbours to see if they are similarly affected?
It doesn't matter what type of dish it is as long as it's pointing at the correct satellites and is correctly aligned.

When you say '...the building is privately owned by the respective flats. and if its anyone's job its mine...' is it possible/within the terms that if you decided on Sky that you could have your own dish fitted for your flat.
I don't really see how you can be responsible for other tenants reception problems

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