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I need something new for listening to music in my work, which is now an open plan office with a reasonable level of background noise.

Currently using Sennheiser HD 202's and a 30gig iPod classic with 128-192kbps mp3's.

The hd202's are wearing out and frankly after borrowing my wifes AKG 518's, they suck!

I probably want closed circumaural but not adversed to open ones so long as they dont leak too much noise.

Considering things like Beyerdynamic DT770 , Sennheiser 518's, 595s, HD280's, AKG K 242 HD (etc) and Grado 225's.

I listen to mostly rock/metal but all through vocal stuff (have a listen to Tiny ruins!) & blues etc. Nothing classical, no jazz.

Willing to consider adding in a headphone amp, something like the FiiO E10 perhaps or Firestone Audio Fubar IV ?

I dont mind still using the iPod and using it for line out, ditching it all together for higher quality flak rips fed to a dac/amp via my PC.

Probably $400ish (NZ) top line for the headphones ( look here Headphones - Find the best prices, information and user reviews )


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Grados are open backed so sound will get in. Sound leaking out is rarely that much of an issue, it's the stuff that comes in.
770 will need amping.
I'm not a fan of the other Senn's but they're reasonably popular.

Shure 8/940 or Beyer DT250 are quality closed phones. If you're in NZ, then this is a great retailer with big range who'll ship. Amazon etc won't send most stuff out this way. Some of those NZ prices you linked to suck, don't they?

Headphonic: Products | Headphonic: Australian Headphone Specialists: Buy Etymotic, Alessandro, Audio Technica, Ultimate Ears, Talisman, Meier Audio and more

I can vouch for them, as I live down the road from the store.
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NZ prices usually totally suck. Trying to find places to audition stuff is worse!

Theres a 250ohm and an 80ohm version of the 770's, I assume the higher one needs more amp to drive them but sounds better for it?

Will check that store out looks good!


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Headphonic have a 20 day trial on most phones, except canals. Not the same as listening in store, but the next best thing. Owner is on the forums all the time, and he and regulars can help with advice, to help you choose right.
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