New setup - MA B100 & Sonos AMP


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Hi all,

Planning a new setup better suited for my home and decor.
Today I have a 5.1 Q Acoustics setup, but I rarely use it and the tower speakers consume quite a bit of space.

For TV/movies I have bought a new XTZ 10.17 Edge sub and plan on buying a soundbar for the TV and hook it up with the sub to fullfill my movie/series watching on the streaming services.

For music I would like a way more clean setup. My music comes 80% from spotify streamning and 20% Airplay (Soundcloud/YouTube)
My style is primarely Above & Beyond, Anjuna, FSOE (70%) with the occasional pop, rock, R&B mixed in.
No secret, I like a punchy bass, but not booming (though acoustics of the room play a big part here)

I was thinking about getting a more sleek setup something in the likes of this, with the speakers on the far side of a wide furniture, the TV on the wall and the ATV and amplifier on top.


For equipment, I am concidering:

  • SONOS Amp
  • Harman Kardon Citation Amp
  • Other?

They are fairly small and sleek looking amplifiers, with all of the connections I need and with some power to spare to drive the speakers


  • MA Bronze 100
  • MA Silver 100
  • Klispch RP-600M
  • Other?

My budget is somewhat fluid, but I don't want to spend 2500$ if less can satisfy my needs.
I plan on listening to all of the equipment, as much as possible and if possible do a test-run at my own place.

I'm looking for other options than the ones listed, in case I missed some brands/models.

Hope you guys might have some input to this.


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Your picture looks like it's of Kef LS50s which are defenitely worth adding to your list.

Kef also make an active version of the LS50 that I'd also seriously recommend, the passive versions thrive on a powerful amp, you'd struggle to match the quality of the active version without spending big.

Depending on position why do you think you need a soundbar, a stereo can do a fine job of TV audio, an increasing amount of stereo stuff is now coming with an HDMI for ARC from a TV.


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As said above, no need for a soundbar if you get stereo, plus the sonos amp had hdmi arc and a subwoofer out, just figure out how close you stereo speakers will be to the wall

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