New Setup (LCD TV, HD DVD & Surround Sound) - help a home cinema newbie


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Hi, I'm hoping someone can help a newbie to the world of Home Cinema. I'm looking at buying my first TV and want to check I've not missed something...

The TV I have my eye on is a Samsung LE46A786 (,50429,49880000)

And I also like the look of the Samsung HT-TZ315R DVD/Surround Sound system (

The links above represent the best prices I've found for each item - if you know of anywhere selling them cheaper please let me know!

My main question is about connectivity....

Would I connect the DVD player to the TV using HDMI? What about getting normal TV (I have Sky) to play through the Surround Sound system? Do I connect my Sky box to the TV using SCART and then use the optical out on the sky box to connect to the Surround Sound System?

What if I wanted to have an additional sound input to the surround system e.g. a PC/iPod/CD Player? Does this setup support that or should I look elsewhere? I don't have an additional sound source for now, but my masterplan is to eventually have a PC connected to the TV to browse my music/video library. Could I use WISELINK instead to achieve this?

Sorry for the questions! I'd be grateful for any advice before I sign on the dotted line. :thumbsup:


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I have a similar, though smaller setup (of sorts) a 32" Samsung LCD and the Samsung HT-TX35R (which is your kit from 6 months ago, I guess).

I have the DVD/Receiver plugged to the TV using HDMI (as you're planning to do), I don't have sky but I see where you're getting at (you don't mention it so I'm assuming you don't have Sky HD).

I have a PVR connected to the TV using SCART and then the TV connected to the DVD/Receiver via a typical pair of stereo analogue plugs (the red/white RCA type), since the TV only outputs 2.1 audio and the PVR would too (likewise sky/sky+ AFAIK) so there's no point wasting the optical (digital) connection on that. I also have a Wii connected to the TV via component and again the audio gets to the receiver by the same path (the Wii outputs Dolby Pro-Logic2 which the receiver's quite happy to decode).

Finally I have a Popcorn Hour instead of a home theatre PC, partly because I'm too cheap to get a HTPC, partly because I like the silence of the passively cooled PCH. It streams media from my home PC which is well away from the telly and outputs 5.1 Dolby Digital (and soon DTS when the firmware arrives) via optical cable to the receiver. I also have a nice big hard disk drive in it that holds almost my entire DVD library. It works great with the HT-TX35R so I would be surprised if the receiver you've opted for wouldn't work fine with a HTPC or similar sources.

You can connect an mp3 player via either USB or 3.5" jack to the receiver when you want to play audio.

Sorry, I know nothing of WISELINK.

EDIT: Oops, I've done some trawling and I can't find any evidence that the HT has analogue audio inputs apart from the 3.5" jack. If that's the case then it's going to limit the options for audio connectivity somewhat.
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