New Setup - Is this the right kit?


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Jul 9, 2007
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We took delivery of our Sony 46" W4500 last week and now want to make the jump to 5.1.

I have been looking at getting the Sony STR-DG820 Amp with Jamo A102 HCS5 5.1 speakers which I heard is the best for the price.

  • I understand I will need some sort of speaker cabling, what type does this Amp/Speaker set need (including sizes/thickness) and where can I buy it from?
  • Do I need to buy anything else for the cable?

I was thinking about getting the amp from, can someone tell me how would ship such a heavy item?

Edit: Would this cable be fine? (4x4m and 2x9m)

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That would be fine, however you will only need that for the satellites, the sub will require a different cable, something tike this; However, the cable I use is a single strand of a quality component video cable, as it is rated to 75 Ohms, unlike a std phono to phono lead.

I wouldn't buy without hearing for yourself the amp and speakers together. That way any dealer will have you in their shop and a potential buyer in their sights, and more likely to do a deal. When I bought my amp and speakers, the dealer wouldn't budge on the price, but I managed to get them to throw in 25m of qed speaker cable at £1.25/m, might be worth asking as it is a good deal maker.
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I take it the cable is just plug in and go for the speakers and subwoofer? I'm not too good at stripping wires.
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