New Setup, IR Reciever to get signal through cabinets?


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Hi all,

I am just designing and building my home cinema system and i'm going to hide all my gadgets in a cupboard. However the IR remote will obviously not pass through. Any idea how I can achieve this? I'd need it to control my AVR and BT 4k box?




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Pricey but I'd recommend a Harmony Elite. Often around £130 on Amazon & works with Alexa.

If you're happy to use a phone/tablet as the remote you could just buy the Hub.
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It does look great, however I'm already running a Fibaro system for my Smart Home so don't think i'll use much of the functionality that it has. Is there any decent IR extenders which will use the original remotes that will help it go through the cabinets?

Thanks, James.

Wil S

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Like this? I don't have that exact model, but a similar one works fine to get the IR into my closed AV cabinet below the TV. Although I also have a harmony elite and have it linked into my z-wave system...


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You may be able to get a remote control app for your smartphone for your devises. This would use the WiFi in the house and would penetrate cabinet doors etc.

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