New setup - Help required.


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Hi All,

This is my first post.

I've been collecting records most of my life, my last record player died a while ago T-1210.

I've decided to create a more humble set-up, any assistance would be massively appreciated.

I'd like to know if it's worth getting a preamp and power amp or if Integrated is fine.

Also, are there any Amplifiers that have CD and DAB which will also power my turntable?

How does one know what amplifiers compliment which turntables/speakers etc?

Large lounge.
£700 Budget

So far I've purchased a
Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Evo Turntable.

I still need speakers and an amp the speakers that intrigue me are:
Q Acoustics 3020
Dali Spektor 2

Some music I like -



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Integrated amp should be fine and are usually more versatile, unless you want to really start spending loads of money. Not many amps have both a Turntable input and DAB but the Cambridge AXR100D does so that might do it for you.
The Q Acoustics 3020 are well liked by many and are a decent budget speaker and should work OK with the AXR100D. the Dali's might sound a little too sharp for some people but are still OK however I wouldn't pair these with the Cambridge amp. If you want a larger scale more dynamic sound than the Q Acoustics then try the Elac Debut B6.2
If the turntable is the most important thing to you and you want a better amplifier then also consider the Audiolab 6000 amp which doesn't have a digital tuner but has a very good phono stage and a useful DAC for plugging in digital sources, it also has bluetooth so you can listen from your Phone, dont let the 50w per channel put you off, it's a very capable amp, you can add a tuner later.


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I would also set a side a small amount for a separate phono stage and a set of cables.

Although it is becoming a fashion again for amps to have a phono stage - these are really a starting point and if your main source is the TT you should invest a bit more on that side.

You can find very decent ones from reputable brands second-hand for under GBP 100.

Keep an eye out for Cambridge Audio 540P (for moving magnet carts) which is gem, and is selling on ebay for between 35 to 60 GBP.


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Shameless plug for my Rega Brio in the classifieds. First class amp for vinyl.


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The Brio above and a pair of these will delight you I’m sure.



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...or these.

Both these and the Missions will comfortably outperform the Spektors and 3020s


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The Brio above and a pair of these will delight you I’m sure.

I bought a pair of QX2 speakers recently and I must admit, they sound very very good.

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