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Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Mr Ess, Oct 27, 2004.

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    Hi Guys and Gals, :hiya:

    I've been hovering on this forum for a while now and have read up on everything I can before posting my questions but I'm still after a little assistance with making sure the equipment I get will be best suited for the job.

    Basically, I currently have a Sony STR-DE585 amp, Pioneer 350 DVD Player, xbox, Sky+, 36" Philips TV and 5.1 Speaker system.

    I don't use the amp in any way for video switching so don't know what I am talking about really. My Xbox is plugged into a Scart socket on the TV(non-rgb), my DVD player is plugged into my RGB scart socket on the tV and my Sky+ is plugged into an RGB scart socket on the TV.

    My plan is to get a PW7 Plasma (about £1850 at the mo). Now I would like to ensure that I don't throw money away on many expensive input cards when I can use the money to upgrade my amp and dvd player and do away with many cards.

    So, my plan is to get a Pioneer 575A and an appropriate amp (budget of £300 for amp) to enable me to take advantage of the video switching. Maybe this is the wrong forum for the amp question although can anyone suggest an amp for this kind of money that gives good movie sound and has plenty of options for connecting to the plasma.

    Can anyone receommend the best way of connecting such equipment and will I still need cards in the plasma. I want to take advantage of the best types of connection to give the best quality picture including the use of progressive scan in the DVD and Plasma.

    My heads starting to hurt now with all this connection malarky and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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