New Setup, HDMI cable for 4k @ 8m from AVR to Projector...Reconmendations?


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Hi all,

I am currently in the process of doing an extension and i'm just running wires along the joists for all my equipment. The room is 5.6m Deep so the cable needed is going to have to go up the wall and along to the projector which will hopefully be 8m.

I don't want to put in a cable that will not work 4k, any recommendations?



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Install - whatever you do remember that long HDMI cables can Fail, be Damaged or become Obsolete so ensure they are easily replaced and try and avoid any thoughts of simply 'pinning' the cable to the timber as you can easily crush the inner cores.

At 8m you are at the length where 4K UHD can become troublesome with some combinations of kit - we recommend and supply RuiPro4K Hybrid Fibre HDMI cables at 8m and longer.



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Install a 40mm conduit. You can install whatever you want. Just remember shallow bend radii I installed a 10m flexible conduit in my extension that my RuiPro runs through, plus other AV cables
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