New setup - bit of picture distortion

Mr Crow

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Hello all,

Hope you can help. I have the following system that was installed for me by a team from the shop I'd purchased from:

Yamaha RX475
Sony BDP-S6200
qAcoustics 2000i

What seems to be happening is a bit of picture distortion. It's slight, but annoying. It's most noticeable occurrence is in faces where parts seem to "move" on their own as if there's another image layered over the top.

I had seen this behavior before on my old setup when upscaled DVD's were being processed by the BD player. I'm just wondering if I'm seeing this because the new player is trying to upscale to 4k.

Any help most welcome!

PS, the TV is not 4K and I have turned Dolby on

PPS I have a V+ box using pass-through and this picture is excellent
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Joe Fernand

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'I'm just wondering if I'm seeing this because the new player is trying to upscale to 4k.'

'PS, the TV is not 4K'

Those two statements contradict each other - you can’t (or shouldn’t) upscale an image to '4K' if you don't have a display which supports a 4K signal.

Poor motion handling can be pretty prevalent in many LCD TV's (some are a lot worse than others) - which Display do you have and which Video 'enhancements' do you have enabled (usually it is best to disable all/most of them – same goes for video processing within your AVR).

The Source content can be at fault too if it has been badly encoded to disc or for broadcast.

Have a play with the video settings on your Display.


Mr Crow

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OK, done. All enhancements off and no more "ghosting" as it were. Thank you kindly, sir!

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