New Setup Advice (Please) - Sony TV - Sony Soundbar - Amazon Fire + Harmony


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Nov 19, 2006
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Hi I have received great advice previously on here which has helped my set up immeasurably... we have recently redecorated and I succumbed to pressure and the AV amp and 5.1 system is gone, and she has compromised with a soundbar.

Equipment is now:
TV: Sony KD-49XG8396
Soundbar: Sony HT-X8500
Streamer: Fire TV 4K (original version, flat cube)
Remote: Harmony Elite

First off... my Amazon fire TV box is the original one, and I think its a root of many problems, apps freeze (all4, BBC, Netflix) and I think maybe its time to make use of black Friday and upgrade. It has about 500Mb of storage available, not sure if that would make a difference clearing more room on it? Also, I have a Raspberry piHole connected to my router, I am wondering if that could cause it to get a bit crashy?

I have the amazon box connected to the soundbar and the soundbar connected tot he TV via ARC HDMI. I am not currently using the optical cable? Is this a schoolboy error? The ATMOS light is yet to come on on the soundbar so I am not experiencing this (not that I think the difference would be noticeable?) Should I change the way it is wired up?

My wife has also requested the Fire box be kept hidden in the new piece of furniture the TV and Soundbar sits on, which is fine for the firebox as the remote is via Bluetooth... but when I tried to re-calibrate the Harmony Elite, if the door is shut it tells me the remote cannot communicate with the Logitech Hub... is this fixable? Or will it have to sit out-with the concealed cupboard and be in view? Or will the IR blasters that come with the remote sort this issue? (I am sure that will be a bone of contention with her!)

Also any advice for bringing round a technophobe wife to being pro-tech would be great!!

Best cure for technophobe wife is kit that works. 20 years of installing, WAF is high on simple to use kit that reliably works.
Best cure for technophobe wife is kit that works. 20 years of installing, WAF is high on simple to use kit that reliably works.

yeah when it doesn't work its a nightmare... currently our google nest speakers are definitely getting worse and worse at understanding her and she being american has a very american accent it doesn't make much sense that it keeps mishearing, yet it understands my scottish accent all the time! we have tried 'retraining' the smart speaker for her voice but for some reason even a simple 'lights on' command kicks off spotify. i find it entertaining at times tho :D
Harmonys and HDMI-CEC often clash. Optical is better.

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