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Hi Guys,

Im just in the process of purchasing a new house and want to get a decent av setup in the living room. I dont really have any equipment as yet so im starting from fresh really but obviously wanna make sure I buy the right equipment to get a good & futureproof setup. Its not gonna be a real top end setup as im not loaded and, as im only just buying the house, funds are a bit short at the moment so it wont all be purchased at the same time!!

Here's what im thinking of buying so far, what do you guys think of this equipment?

Sony KDL40W4500 LCD TV
Sony BDPS350 Blu Ray player
7.1 home cinema - ?
Sky + / Sky HD
Xbox 360 - Already got

On the home cinema front, this is where I need some advice really, - what is the best setup/equipment to get to connect all this together? Will I need an AV receiver? I dont want a dvd home cinema kit as I want to get a blu ray player so can you get a blu ray home cinema kit or do I have to go down the seperate speaker & receiver route?

I dont really know much about receivers so any advice/ideas would be great.

Im also having trouble finding a decent tv stand to put all this lot, does anyone know of a good place to look for one, - it needs to be either black or glass & I want something that looks modern & different & not cost a bomb? I have been looking at the Alphason Sona below but am still undecided!

Sorry for all the questions, - im a bit of a newbie to all this but wanna make sure I choose the right stuff before I buy it!

Any help or ideas are much appreciated.



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This is probably not the best place to put the thread as it is more to show off what you have already.

However, Richer Sounds might have the sort of thing you are looking for.

Maybe something like:

YAMAHA RXV361 at Richer Sounds - HI-FI Separates, Home Cinema, Speakers, MP3 DVD Portables, Plasma LCD, etc.

and couples with these:

KEF KHT1005 at Richer Sounds - HI-FI Separates, Home Cinema, Speakers, MP3 DVD Portables, Plasma LCD, etc.

I don't think you can get Bluray all in ones at the moment. I personally use a PS3 as my Bluray source as it can also be used for gaming and music/video playback.

If you have any other questions I'll try and answer as I'm sure over AV Forum users will.

Marky P

Panasonic do a Blu-Ray all-in-one system (SC-BT100). Amazon stock it for £575. Requires extra wireless speakers for rear (5.1/7.1) which I believe are available seperately.


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Ok so is that Yamaha a fairly decent receiver or should I be looking for something a bit better? I still wanna get decent sound from it plus it needs to have connections to connect all of my equipment?


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If it's any help I am glad I went down the seperates route, when I got my audio kit which was sometime ago now all in one dvd surround systems were fairly new but I'm so very glad I didn't get one because as my system has changed and grown I still have the same reciever as i think it does a great job, where as the all in one would have lasted a few years and have to have been replaced already.

As for a new house well if it were me and I would wall mount if getting a flat panel, I got mine about 12mths ago and bought a stand only to want it on the wall as soon as it was in place, hence I am selling a stand on ebay real cheaply now and the tv is on the wall! lol


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I've looked at the Yamaha receiver but I also saw in Richer sounds a Sony STRDG820 receiver which seems to be a better one, has anyone got any experience of this model, - is it any good and will it be suitable to connect up all my equipment?

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