New Set-up


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New Set-up

Right so I have decided its about time I did a big upgrade
I have a Bk monolith on order and I am heading to get an Onkyo 809.
My I am also going to upgrade my speakers but my main problem is the centre must be 165mm in height or under because of my TV stand.

Now I have been looking and finding this hard to get a good set-up that I can do this with ...
So Far I am moving over and liking the monitor audio Apex range.
Now from what I have been reading the Apex range is very good but with the price I am open to offers and also thinking the HD range might do for me ..
A10x4 A40x1
So what else do you think I should look at but remember about the max height on the centre
Will the Apex be a good match ?

Main use is Films / TV



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Have you considered a40 x 3 + a10 x2?


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I have now got 4x A10 and 1xA40

But mmmmmm the sound is sounding very small but I am guessing this is because I only have my small sub and waiting on the new sub next week .. and they are new so need some time to run in.

I Have only opened up 2xA10 did think about seeing if I could swap the other subject to finding out how they fit in my room.

Very Tempted



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So i did it ... :-( decided that the 3 x A40 would fit on where I can have them

I got the 2xA10 set up with the 1 A40 and watched a film .. with my screen and I could not put the speakers to the side of the screen so they was under the screen and it sounded good but with all the sound from below the screen and also not to the side I decided I needed to wall mount them on the side ... The A10's Just would not have fitted in place or looked as good as the A40 .. so After some sure good help from the shop I did the swap and have a deal to swap them over ..

Good job I had not unboxed the others.

Upgrade cost over messing with some tall stands made it worth it as I am now getting more speaker not just stands

Have to say they are sounding very nice for music and getting better each day ....I do have a small sub and its not doing a bad job for now .. untill next week when the mono is going to be with me


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