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Hi guys;
I am trying to figure out how is going to be my new set.

I am thinking about Dali Oberon 7. My room is big, around 33m2 and without many furnitures so i think i need the big boys from the oberon series. I was thinking about the Oberon 5 just in case the next house i move (im renting) has a smaller living room, but right now i think the 7 are better option (i tried the 5 in the shop and perfect quality but they need more punch, under my non experience ear). Maybe the proper solution is oberon 5+ SW but the budget will be destroyed jaja

For this speakers i am searching a receiver and a DAC. I was convinced that a receiver with streamming (like the yamaha nr602) will be worst in a few years when yamaha doesn´t update the system for the next spotify app or whatever. So i will try to get receiver + DAC:

Receivers i checked and were recommended in a couple of shops i went to ask (i am from Barcelona)
  • cambrigeaudiocxa61
  • marantzpm6007. one of the guys told me he doesnt like Mrantz, the other told me Marantz works pretty nice with Dali (WTF)
  • rotel a11 or rotel a12. is only the power and the usb port the differences? The price gap is huge
  • yamaha as701 one of the guys told me they doesn´t fit at all with Dali, he suggested instead the KEF Q550 that looks like the oberon 5 (i didnt hear them)
DAC= project prebox s2 digital, i only read good things about this but maybe for my budget i need to consider other options

at the beginning i was thinking around 1300€ budget but i see i need to push it maybe to around 1800€

I am open to any suggestion, Thank you so much!

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