New set of speaker cables. Is it worth bi-wiring? VDH Clearwater


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Just moved in a new house and due to the arrangement of the living room and the TV I need to change my setup in terms of gear positioning.
I have a 2 channel setup with a Rotal RA-12 and a pair of B&W DM603 S3. The speaker were connected with a pair 1.5m The Chord Company Clearway (unterminated) cables.

Now due the distance difference i will need approximately 5.5m cable for each speaker I am looking at Van Den Hul Clearwater. Based on my research it has good overall reviews and is decently priced at my local dealer.

Now the question is: Is it worth it to pay the extra cash for bi-wiring ? (double the length of the cable + 4 Audioquest banana plugs. Based on that I am looking at almost doubling my initial cost)

And another "sub-question" is it possible to bi-wire any kind of speaker cable? or are there any criteria that i need to know? quickly searching online I found no info on bi-wiring Van Den Hul Clearwater.

Any thoughts or suggestion welcome.



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