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Hi All,

Hopefully I'm posting in the correct thread/forum

Can anyone offer some advice on location of AV equipment and furniture in our new living room?

I'm at the planning stage for a new self build. Application currently in with our council. So we have no restrictions on sockets and a blank canvas for cabling.

Our living room will be 6mt x 5mt with bi fold doors at the 6mt end. 2 doors both on one 6 mt run, 1 at the bi fold end and another at the opposite end.
Plan attached showing 2 sofas for scale. I've also labelled the walls for ease when, hopefully, describing suggested locations.

We currently plan to have a faux chimney breast (not essential but desired) which will not hold a fire but we plan to have lighted shelves with art works in. Not decided which wall yet.

Within the room we want to place a 55 inch TV, turntable with amp, subwoofer, soundbar, 2 rear speakers and 2 front speakers.
We wish to get surround sound with this set up to cover, as best as possible, our seating area. Appreciate that there will be sweet points.

We have 2 sofas to go in the room and would like to add an arm chair, although not essential.

All and any thoughts and suggestions gratefully received.



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TV on wall B, avr in a cabinet under the TV

surround speakers on A and C

Either wall A or C or B would work, whichever wall.has no radiator.


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Hi Password1, thank you for your input
Since posting I had warmed to the idea of putting the TV on wall A
Any thoughts on reflection on the TV
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