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New season of AVF Fifa (read before voting)

Read the first post, then vote for your preferred fixture method

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Here we are again folks, I hold my hands up and admit that the last season of the OL was a flop and the fixture system I proposed was a big factor, (although you dozey sods voted it in).

We now have 2 simple options;

Free for all - The way the league was run for ages, you have a target (usually 3 games a week) to meet and you can play at whatever pace you want. Play all your games in the first night if you want, or spread them out.

The benefits are that you can jump on at a random time and hope to see someone in your group. You don't have to play a particular person in a particular week and if you want to get ahead of schedule you can. The negatives are that you have to rely on other people just happening to jump on too. Also some people get bored because they have played all their games early and have to wait too long for the next season, and the league table looks a bit lopsided due to different people having different numbers of games played.

Fixed schedule
The system suggested by Abbeygoo and implemented for 2 seasons during the year. You play 2 games a week, against a fixed opponent (drawn at the start of the season).

The benefits are that everyone is always at the same stage, and you know weeks ahead who you need to play on any given week so you can plan for it. It gives the season more structure. On the downside the season is fractionally longer, and may not suit people who just want to jump on randomly rather than book a time with a particular person.

Have your say folks, and get your votes in.


fixed for me - free for all could mean that someone plays all 6 games really quick and wins them and you practically then have the winners and losers decided before anyone else plays!!


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If I join in I'll go for a free for all. Would rather just jump on and play whose available an only arrange games as a last straw.

Have no issue with somebody playing all their games straight away. If I can't qualify then so be it. I'd still complete my fixtures.

Will see how things are after Xmas before I can commit to this though. I want to but family comes first after all the cack I've been through!


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free for all for me too. Think the new format will still keep peoples interest, even if someone wins all their games and tops the group there are still places to be had for the "Europa League" for 3rd and 4th.
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