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New screen choices?

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Parvus, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Parvus


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    Hi everyone,

    Been searching the forum for a couple of weeks now and its been really useful because its helped me narrow my options for a new screen. Although at times, raised as many questions as its answered :)

    I'm close to committing to the spend and am left with the following choices and a few outstanding worries, if anyone has any thoughts, recommendations please let me know.

    For info, a film fan but will watch just as much TV and Sport (footy fan) via Sky+

    Option 1. Pioneer 435XDE - Future proof (Hi-Def) and superb with DVD's but after a demo on freeview was disappointed with the picture. The store connected a scaler (£800) and this did wonders for the picture, near perfect. Can stretched to the screen but couldn't afford a scaler. How's anyone else getting on with Sky/TV signals?

    Option 2. Philips 37PF9986 (LCD) - Also future proof but I haven't had a demo yet. From the screens and feeds I've seen in Comet/Currys the 32" looked very sweet. I've not read much about this screen but have heard LCD is better with TV feeds, is this the case?

    Current concerns:
    Should I wait for the next Gen screens?
    Is Sky Hi-Def going be expensive, so why worry?
    Is LCD better than Plasma?
    Viewing from 9ft'ish, is 43" to big, so amplifies the poor TV signals?
    Does anyone have any other screens they would recommend?

    Thanks :thumbsup:

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