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New samsung UHDTV or Sony KDL55W905?


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Hi, got between £1000-£1500 for a new set, was going to get a Sony W905 in 55" but just seen a UE55H6900 UHDTV for £1500 but couldn't find any reviews or forum discussions on it.

Anyone got this tv?

I mainly watch sports and SD programmes, not a film buff so no movies.


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If the HU6900 panel is similar to Samsungs HU7500, I'd go for the Samsung. I've seen the W905 in store, close to a HU7500 and after spending some time with both machines I really preferred the HU7500 based on colours and black levels.

But, as we all know, settings in shops are all over the place, so in the end the difference between the two might be smaller. Still, the Samsung supports UHD resolution whereas the Sony supports 3D, so if you lean towards one or the other it's an easy choice.


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I too have been looking for a review of the Samsung UE55H6900.

I am now looking to buy a 55" (preferably) TV to replace my 46" Samsung Series 4 as it sometimes loses picture when switching between HDMi inputs - I get strange vertical or horizontal thick coloured lines - at best it overlays the input image so you can still see the picture - just... In fairness though it has lasted over 5yrs, had a LOT of use and been through several big moves.

I had been contemplating UE55H6400 too but recently saw the UE55H6900 for around the same price. In truth I am not overly interested in 'Smart' TV's, not sure about 3D or even 4K. I don't use a coaxial input either.

I have SkyHD (with the full package and connected to my Broadband Hub) for watching TV and do watch a fair amount of football so motion handling is important. I certainly notice my series 4 doesn't handle HD motion that well as there is judder during matches. I also game a lot too on Xbox One and PS4. HDMi Inputs are important and 4 is the minimum I require. I will be wall mounting it too so the Stand is not a consideration.

After reading several reviews of TV's here, I get the impression that Samsungs offer the best picture quality for the price. My Series 4 certainly hasn't disappointed and offered a much better picture than my 42" Toshiba Regza (of the same era)

I doubt that I will connect my TV directly to my Hub - if anything I will use its Wi-Fi connection but like I said its unlikely to get much use as I have Sky's on demand/catch-up service and with so many channels I certainly don't struggle for things to watch. However it seems impossible to buy a 55" TV without Smart. I suppose I could disconnect my XB360 or PS3 and use them wirelessly if the TV Smart option does get a lot of use...

I know 4K is in its infancy but I don't expect to be replacing my purchase for a good few years so it's more future proofing and surely it would be a better picture with the extra pixels - also less likely to notice any dead pixels if/when they happen.

In terms of 3D, I do have some 3D capable games and the only time I am likely to watch TV is on Sky's own 3D channel. Assuming I of course use this function IF available.

In terms of gaming, I know the Sony tends to have the best Lag but I am sure Samsungs are well within acceptability. It will probably be less than my Series 4 too. As this is the standard I am used too - anything better is obviously going to be an improvement. I do play a lot of FPS online MP games although not exclusively.

I do have a Samsung upscaling DVD Home Theatre System for sound although for the majority of the time I tend to stick with my TV's sound which on the Series 4 is certainly adequate.

My budget is at most £1000 and shopping around both the 6400 and 6900 fall within that range - in fact both will give me quite a bit of change. I suppose in an ideal world a 55" monitor would be my best buy but as these are almost impossible to find and even a 1080p version costs more than a 4k 3D Smart TV, its out of my price range. My series 4 is used more as a 'monitor' as I only use external sources connected via HDMi. Picture quality and motion handling via these sources is by far the most important.

So based on this information, Which TV would you recommend. Should I be considering an alternative? I am currently leaning more towards the 6900 as it is 4K but doesn't have 3D. I think I am likely to get more benefit from the extra pixels than the benefit of 3D. Both seem to be Quad core Smart TV's so I assume similar in performance here. In terms of price, the 6900 looks to be the better bargain due to how much it was on release and how much it costs now.


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I think so - I obviously forgot to put the 'U' in...

Seems good but then so does the 6400. The 7000 doesn't seem to be dropping in price below £1000 (if you can find one) so I seem to be left with a choice of these 2 but I really don't know which is best for me


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Go to a good AV store and get a demo

Presume you've read all the reviews

Samsung UE55HU6900 (HU6900) 4K TV Review

The Samsung UE55HU6900 is a case of you get what you pay for. Yes it’s 4K, but only when the picture on screen is mostly still. Once the camera starts panning, resolution drops away quite noticeably, and unfortunately there’s no motion-enhancing technology available on the set to reduce blurring.

The television is not without its virtues: contrast performance was good by LED LCD standards; input lag was low for an Ultra HD TV; plus greyscale, gamma and colour accuracy were top-notch after calibration. But we’re not entirely convinced the 55in HU6900 is the best choice on which to spend £1500, especially considering its lack of native 24p playback and Netflix 4K streaming. Buy it only if you’re going to view 4K photos most of the time.

Samsung UE55H6400 (H6400) 3D LED LCD TV Review | AVForums

All in all, the Samsung H6400 is a television that's not really lacking in any department and it's one we're more than happy to recommend for a demo.


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I get the impression from that thread that the 6900 is quite problematical and maybe not the best option even for the much reduced price - understand why its dropped so much now!

Seems like I really only have 1 choice then and that's the 6400 unless there is a better alternative under £1000. Its not easy for me to get out to an AV Store due to disability and other health related issues. Therefore I do my research online and try to buy that way too. Its the main reason I asked here as a lot of people seem to have some great knowledge


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I had heard that the Sony wasn't as good overall as the Samsungs in terms of picture quality but the best Lag for gaming. I had considered the Sony Bravia KDL55W829BBU as well as the Samsung UE55H6800 (although that is curved...) as both seem to be about the same price but a little more than the 6400. To be honest, I am only going by the research online and comments here but it seems that Samsung gives you a better picture and more for your money than Sony does.

That's a great price though - same as Curry's and £120 cheaper than the 6800. It has everything I want - wall mountable and 4 HDMi inputs and looks a great TV.


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