New Samsung ue50au9000kxxu issues

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Hi folks
I recently got myself one of the 50inch Samsung ue50au9000kxxu from Currys/PC World.
I'm generally pleased with it, but I've run into some issues, and wondered if anyone else is having the same problems:

1) The TEXT/MIX button gives a 'Not Available' message despite being tuned to BBC 1 or BBC 1 HD. The BBC red button news service works fine, but is too intrusive and takes over the whole screen. So I prefer the side panel version for the basic TEXT/MIX service. I've got a smaller Samsung in my kitchen and that works fine, so it must be a setting somewhere in the TV to enable it. I emailed Samsung and never heard back. Any ideas how to switch it on?

2) When changing channels on the TV, my Yamaha surround system gives a painful burst of white noise each time . As if the TV is not muting audio while it is changing channel. Anyone else experiencing this? is there a cure for it?

3) The Samsung Smart Menu dialog annoyingly pops up whenever you do something, such as change Source device or edit settings. And also at other times. It pops up and just stays there obscuring the bottom third of the screen. I wish I could switch it off completely, or at least set a delay so that it disappears after a couple of seconds!

4) The TV offers integration with Alexa. So you can instruct it to change channel or switch off etc by speaking. BUT you have to press a button on the remote to use it each time. What is the point of offering voice control when you need to press a button first? You might as well just press the Off button or Channel button without bothering with the voice control at all. It sounds like they did not think this function through very well !

Oh yes, the virtual 'Atmos' audio which they advertise (to give you 3D sound above and below you) ONLY works if you are using the lousy built-in speakers in the TV. It's not available if you are using a full surround sound system. As most people will use an external soundbar or receiver, it seems pointless in offering this feature at all.



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This thread is worth a read re the BBC Red button.

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