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New Samsung UE46ES6800 - keeps resetting


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Okay, so fed of of the problem of my old F71 going into a reset loop and needing to be switched off and on again etc, so finally bought me a UE46ES6800.

Just got it today, set it up, all looking great.

Bloody thing is now resetting itself. Just fiddling with the menus, switches off, then on again, logo comes up, switches off, on, and I have to switch it off completely, wait and turn it on again.

So thinking maybe the firmware needs updating, downloaded and updated via USB.

Still does it. Seems more frequent when going through menus, but sometimes just happens for no reason.


I give up with technology. So many things these days really are unreliable and faulty.

So, known issue, a fix for it? Chances that letting it break in will fix it? Else back it goes which is immense hassle :mad:

Edit: In the main it's doing it when navigating the menus. Not always but just seems to get 'stuck', not responding to button presses and then 10 seconds later the TV will turn off and reset. Looping like that for a bit and needs to be turned off by the remote to break it from the loop.

Sitting watch TV it's okay for a while but has a couple of times just done it for no reason. Likewise tried a Blu Ray, left it running and was okay for 10 minutes but then did the same.
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Process of elimination, I'm going through all the connected devices and just trying one connected at a time to rule out a particular device or even cable. So far it's done it on all of them. Trying with nothing connected now, just playing about in the Smart TV stuff only.

Reading posts on various Samsung and even other brands of new TVs and often been seeing people saying they had to take theirs back and even had tried two or three before one worked okay. Thought this was just rare bad luck, but maybe it's just modern TVs are unreliable crap :(


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Well, does it with nothing connected too, so rules everything else out. Is the TV.

Return to Richer Sounds then and hope they'll just swap it for another.


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So swapped for another. All fine it seems. Just yet more hassle.

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