New Samsung LE32R74BDX connection thoughts


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I've just purchased a new Samsung LE32R74BDX (I fancied the 23Wlt66 but the missues wanted the Samsung!)


When it arrives it will be connected directly to a Sky plus box (non hd)

When the HD box reduces in price i will get one but for the time being i want to maximise the ouput quality for the SD feed.

Am i correct in thinking Scart will be my only real option for connectivity or is there another way? I've read about the other option, ie svideo , rgb, and hdmi. I presume HDMI is no good to me until i get HD, but would one of the other options benefit me more than Scart?

Can anyone recomend a decent cable for under 20 quid?

Any help much appreciated.


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I think Scart is the only way to go, and yes you can have RGB Scart as i have got the P2110 that i used to use when i had sky.
You can set on the Sky box to receive pics in RGB or PAL BUT :

RGB leaves vertical lines across the screen (faint but noticeable)

See here :
and here :

PAL looks good enough is the only way to get a picture.
There is a component to Scart convertor, but dont be tempted to get one, they dont work with Sky boxes.

Dunno if thats what you wanted to hear, but enjoy the TV anyway, its a cracking piece of kit.


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Those links refer to the R41 and R51 ranges of the samsung, we are talking about the R74 range. I have not come across the vertical banding mentioned, using a cheap scart from maplins, so hopefully the problem is not apparent on the newer range?

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