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New Samsung G600


Just ordered the new 5mp Samsung g600 on a cheap vodafone contract, but i also have a nokia 6288 on a 3 contract, am wondering will i be able to get the g600 unlocked so that it will accept both sim cards?

Has anyone heard any good reviews about this phone?


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Its just a better specified version of the U600. It comes boxed with a BT Headset and a 1Gb MSD card. Its alright, the camera isnt great though.


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I've had a play around with one in Carphonewarehouse and I've very impressed with it.

Going to be the phone for me when my contract end at the end of September with T-Mobile.


I already have deal with three so was looking for smallest contract possible and also vodafone passport will save me about £40 a year.

Managed to get Brand new Samsung G600 (1gb card & bluetooth headset) on an 18 month contract, got 10% of line rental so deal works out

£13.50 for 6 months then £27 for the remaining 12 months,
Got 200 minutes & 500 texts or could of had 300 minutes and 100 texts.

No dodgey cashback deal either.


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Had a go of one, i always compare camera's with the sony ericsson K range right enough so the bar's quite high.
you're quite right about the bar being very high for the sony ericsson camera. unfortunately, that's one of the only things that they have going for them. the music ability on their walkmans is quite good, but has since been surpassed by motorola, samsung, and nokia in quality. and lots of people love the UI because it's quite easy and very colourful. java is faster than on other brands.
the other aspects of sony ericsson phones leaves a lot to be desired. their build quality is very hit and miss, their software tends to suffer a lot from white screens and general freezing, and their phone don't have much variation in terms of design within the various form factors. their call quality is behind that of nokia, samsung, and motorola - they tend to suffer a lot from low volume too. reception is also very hit and miss.
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