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So we're possibly in the market for a new router. Our current one is an Orange Livebox which is steadily getting worse (assuming it's the box). It keeps throwing out a multitude of errors -

DNS failures
Default gateway is not available
Wifi doesn't have a valid IP
Network config errors
etc etc

This use to happen occasionally, but for the last few weeks it can happen as often as every few minutes. Sometimes pulling the home plugs solves it, sometimes turning the router off at the mains solves it, and sometimes nothing works at all.

Changing supplier/getting faster internet is not an option. Orange are the only supplier, and the 1mb adsl we get is the only available option.

If a new router might help, we're in need of a dual band one as we've both recently got new laptops which support the newer 5ghz frequency. Range isn't an issue as no router will cover the house due to size and thickness of internal stone walls. We use homeplugs to extend the signal which isn't ideal due to the age of the wiring, but they work OK most of the time.


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If this is only affecting Wi-Fi device, it's indicative of a fundamental Wi-Fi failure. All the DNS, default gateway, etc. loss would occur as a consequence of the underlying Wi-Fi transport dropping out. Whilst such DNS loss etc. can occur for other reasons, it sounds like a "classic" symptoms of a fundamental transport (Wi-Fi) loss.

Next time you get a problem, have a look if it's only affecting Wi-Fi (ie a check a device connected directly to your router with an ethernet cable - avoid HomePlugs or anything else.) If that's OK, it lends further evidence to there being a fundamental Wi-Fi issue (which a new router won't necessarily cure.)

Indeed, if you have multiple Wi-Fi hotspots by deed of use of HomePlug/Wi-Fi combos, it's very likely their coverage footprints will physically "overlap" and it's possible the channel plan you have employed maybe causing the cell to interfere with each other. In such instances, a better channel plan could solve the problem. And it could be good old fashioned interference for the neighbours, car alarms, baby monitors, etc. etc.

If you still want a router change anyway (e.g. to gain 5Ghz capability as you mentioned,) then a US web site called SmallNetBuilder reviews a lot of SOHO kit and does a better job than most of fairly objectively testing them. You could do worse than have a look there. Though if you're in Europe, bear in mind that SNB is US based.
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Thanks for the reply.

I will check to see if it's wholly a wifi issue or not. It seems have picked up this morning. Web pages loading at normal speed. Last night it took about 10 odd minutes to get AVF to load with various dropout and slow loading.

Things to note -

We live in the sticks so closest neighbor is 500m+ away, so no interference there. Closest neighbors are in their mid 90s, so not expecting them to have any tech that could screw me from that distance.

Cars are parked well away from the house (40m or so down the drive)

I've unplugged the other home plug system (1 Netgear/1 TP-Link).

We have a friend who helped design Oranges internet infrastructure, he's going to come round and have a gander at it when he's free.

I'm going to try a factory reset in a bit. Can't see that working. Only ever gone into the router settings to change the wifi channel from 6 to 13. Besides that, no settings have ever been changed from factory standard.

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