New router (or something else) to handle all my smart home devices - thoughts?


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I think I've now got the stage where I really need a better strategy for handling all the smart home/iot devices that I have accumulated over the last 2 years. Most are standard wifi, and yes if starting from scratch I might have gone Zigabee or something, but its not practicable or affordable to replace everything now. Its mostly all running fine, the biggest issue is probably my sons gaming on his PC - he is connected to the router via ethernet, which helps, but I think the router having to handle almost everything is effecting his connection.

LightwaveRF and heating have their own hubs, but I have about 40 other wifi devices jostling for service on my network. My network consists of new Vodafone router and decent new TP Link wireless access point, which is connected via ethernet to the router. They share the same SSID. Wifi coverage is great, with about a 50/50 device split between the router and AP.

I'm thinking of adding a new router into mix, and just leaving the existing router to handle the internet connection. Does anyone here have any thoughts on this, recommend and cost effective kit, or have any other thoughts that might help? cheers.


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Adding a second router in series with your first router may cause issues with double NAT in some cases, so ideally to my would replace your existing router.

Are you at all worried about security and wanting to segregate your devices using VLANs, especially with IoT kit? If you do you might want to plan a more wholesale review if your network and build towards VLAN-compatible infrastructure. I prefer to keep my kit from a single vendor as it often makes configuration and management a little easier - have used both Draytek and Ubiquiti Unifi in this way as both allow full management of the router/network switches/APs from a single management console.


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With a more commercial (lite) grade of router (vendors mentioned above) it will give you far more options to carve up your wire line and WiFi access requirements.

You can also look to define bandwidth for your child’s gaming PC so as to prioritise their connective.

VLANs and leveraging 2.4/5Ghz spectrum will also help to free up any congestion



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I had a similar issue recently, with working from home, streaming and occasionally both of us at home on vpn's plus wanting to stream music while studying it became clear my Router was creaking under the strain (needing random reboots).

Got an Asus Router and added some nodes to the Aimesh. Massive difference.

Able to prioritise traffic and see what devices are using what bandwidth in real-time.

Very happy with it as solution.


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You might want to swap the TP the main router if possible, I doubt the Vodafone router is designed for so many devices.

I used to have problems with freezes, problems with wired devices not connect and daily reboots. Got myself a Asus AX88u, now have 55 devices connected, mostly wired and it's been rock solid. Logs showing it's not even breaking a sweat even with 600mb connection. No reboots in the last 2 months. Also has unofficially supported Merlin firmware if you want more reports and configuration that you would ever want at home.

You can add other Asus routers if you need extra range but I cover a 4 bed semi and the garden with just the router, no additional AP needed.


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Get yourself 2 x access points and turn off the WiFi on the router. ISP routers are no good at handling larger amounts of traffic. Unifi is a great option and can be easily set up and bought from Amazon. You can also configure the access points to be better at handling devices handover. You don't want a phone clinging onto the further access point as this reduces speed and bandwidth. Furthermore, i'd suggest splitting the SSID's to seperate 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks. This gives devices with 5Ghz no chance to hook to 2.4ghz and a better chance at gaining a stronger connection.

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