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Can someone put my mind at rest please.
I have been using a Virgin-badged netgear router along with a Virgin 'hub' modem for many years.
Ever since I first started with internet/networking many years ago the base IP address for my network has always been 192.168.x.x. As a result all my 18 NAS units, all my 12+ media/satboxs/TV's etc all have 192.168.x1.x fixed addresses. Also in my three PC's all NAS and other devices are all drive-maps to 192.168.1.x addresses etc. So a hell of a lot of occurences of the 192.168.1.x addresses.
Now I am upgrading my router to an ASUS RT-AX82U as the old router won't handle the faster broadband and wifi speeds now promised by Virgin.
So the biggest fear I have now is when I swap out the old router for the new one will I still be able to use 192.168.1.x as it does not say in the ASUS manual or on the router itself what the IP address will be. It just gives a website address for the IP address;-
Does this website allow me to set the IP address myself? Or will it assign one that could throw out all my ip addresses.
Hope this is all clear as I am not a networking expert. Assigning fixed IP addresses to devices is about the limit of my capabilities.
I just don't want to find when I change the router out I can no longer access anything on my network.
Hope someone can take pity and help me. :)


All the routers I've come across allow you to set the local IP address of the router and the address pool range it allocates to devices that connect to it.

I use the router's address reservation to fix IPs for my devices.

If you want to keep the same fixed IPs, alter the DHCP pool range before connecting devices. Example: router starts allocating addresses from to 240. Then connect your NAS and reserve that address on the router.

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