New Resistance: Fall Of Man Screens


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Some new small screens from the official PS3 site, hopefully we will see some native resolution shots soon.

Really liking the 3rd one with the large alien thingy, environments look very detailed too.


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Kube said:
Does like very nice, albiet a little too Doom 3 insprired.
Although unlike DOOM there is excellent outdoor areas, watching the E3 vids gives the impression of Call of Duty with aliens. :thumbsup:


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Looking good, I certainly can't wait to try some ps3 games with this and Warhawk being top of the list :)


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Yup, this is looking better.

Very nice shots there.


The characters look really out of place after staring at these pictures for a bit, no shadowing? The last picture especially, it looks odd.


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Looks pretty nice, it does remind me of COD2 with aliens, but then that's not really a bad thing :).

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