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new rental dvd site with a very good pricing

Discussion in 'Shopping, Deals, Discounts & Bargains' started by Wasabi, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Wasabi

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    May 16, 2002
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    SBC (Swedish Born Chinese)/lived in UK since 96, C
    Just wanted to let you know this.

    I saw on tv this morning on sky news about the postal mail strike and they interviewed a manager at a company called screenselect that delivers dvds, so I searched on google and the website is


    And it is a unlimited rental site and the price is very good compared with the others in-movies, dvdoptions, viewdvd, dvdsontap, movietrak and webflix.

    £14.99 per month all inclusive, for 3dvds at any one time. Others cost between £18-£20 per month.

    I haven't tried it yet and I won't as I am going to HK for a very long time, but if I had stayed I would.

    The website seems good and also I saw some of the operation of the company which they showed in sky news and they have at least several employees and the operation looks clean and effective also they have more than 12500 titles and that is way much more than any competito

    I hope you guys have a try.


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