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Mr Cat

Hi folks,
I've decided that I should perhaps get a new remote control that can handle all of my kit (I've got 7 remotes just now!)
I want to be able to do the usual stuff, but perhaps with a nice GUI..??

It will also be required to support my Sub which has it's own remote…

I guess the budget will be around 50, but perhaps more on a real good un'

Any ideas..?



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Check out the Philips Pronto RU890 on eBay. There are usually a few on there and they go for under £100 (with docking station/rechargeable battery). Even though it's a little long in the tooth now and has been superceded by flashy newer Pronto models, it's still an extremely capable remote with unrivalled support (see
The only real question is whether you can live with a touchscreen which generally requires you to look at the screen to operate it - however, the Pronto does have hard buttons for volume and channel control, as well as a mute and two user-configurable buttons so it's still "surfer" friendly to some extent.
I suggest you download the editing software (ProntoEdit) from RemoteCentral and grab some of the black & white configs from there that interest you and have a play with the emulator, see what you think.



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Hi Babble, I have got the RU940 version and I must say it is the absolute nuts in controls. It took me an afternoon to have my one up and running and then a good 2 weeks tarting it up a bit.
What I normally do is go to Remote Central, as mentioned earlier, and take a configuration. As loada mentioned you may as well go for the 890 if it really is going for that price, if not put a wanted thread in the classified section for a 940 control if you dont want to pay the full whack.

Have a play :)

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