New REL subs on the way - old ones discounted...


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I have had a single REL T5i for a couple of years and in my room it was pretty good, when matched first with my LS50s, and now with Concept 300s.

I do like the idea thought of augmenting the bookshelf speakers with smallish musical subs, and that was really the point. It turns a 2-way bookshelf into a 2.5 way setup with tweeter, 6.5", and 8" sub drivers.

Lacking though was the fact that I was driving bass from both channels into a single sub using the high-level input. Low bass isn't very directional of course, but it still felt a little unbalanced and asymmetric.

The release of the new REL T5X has resulted in some pretty good discounts on the T5i, so I decided to pick one up to make things more symmetrical. Now I have one sub per channel off the high-level input, just connected to the speaker terminals.

Has it improved things? Well it's certainly adding more sound waves to the process. I have turned down both the volume and the crossover now that there are 2 subs in the mix. It does sound like a different system for sure.

Can I detect an improvement in the directional and stereo of the bass? I think so, but honestly it's hard to be sure. Reducing the crossover frequency means the C300s are a bit more prominent in mid bass so that may account for it.

Certainly I can achieve much higher volumes in music with lots of bass, and the crossover changes and sub positioning are going to take a bit of experimentation to sort out.

More experimentation required, and I am not sure it was a value-for-money direct improvement, except that it seemed like a good bargain and will probably delay a new speaker purchase (which was going to be MUCH more expensive) - I think a focus on amplifier and DSP streamer makes more sense.

Bank Holiday weekend fun. :)

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