New reciever to go with 4 ohm speakers



Hi guys,

I'm about to get myself a new reciever, because I'm quite new to homecinema I would appreciate some thoughts from experts.

I have got some Dynaudio speakers 42, 42W, 42C and a Rel quake sub.

I will be useing the system for both music and ht.

My shortlist includes:

Yamaha 1400/2400
HK 430/7500

I know the 7500 has less features and only 5ch amplification, but I dont intend to get 6.1/7.1 anytime soon.

So I guess the question is what you think will produce the best sound with my speakers?

And I dont have the possibility to do any home auditions :(


Rolo Tomasi

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HK receivers have a good reputation for amplification and I would expect them to drive your speakers without a problem. The 7500 could be supplemented with a 2-channel power amp to provide 7.1 capability in future, if required.

I have not heard Yamaha receivers but they seem to come with all the latest features, decoding etc, probably more than the HK alternatives. It may come down to a choice between sound quality and features.

Perhaps others with experience of both manufacturers can be of more assistance. All I can say is that I am very happy with my HK and it certainly doesn't struggle with anything I can throw at it.


for 4 ohm speakers, you need current - watts become acaedemic at low impedance values.

my first choice would be pre / power using rotel kit, if not, try harman, bryston etc, as they supply the guts needed to control your dynaudios.

Persoanlly, i think yam amps are a joke, the processing is there, but just by poicking them up, you know they can't have the transformers to do the job properly, and as such they can't control big demanding loads at alll.


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I have the Audience 72/62/122C/Sub-30A and use an Arcam AVR200 to drive them. I've had this setup for a year and it continues to amaze how good it sounds, and it gets really loud when I want it to.

I'm soon planning on a 7.1 setup with an upgrade to the AVR300 and the additoon of a pair of Audience 52SEs.


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