New Receiver to partner with B&W CM1s


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I need to replace my receiver and my current set-up is as follows: Front L & R are B&W CM1s, Centre B&W CM Centre and rear B&W M1s.
The use of the amplifier is a 50/50 split between watching movies and listening to music via Sonos which I might upgrade to Bluesound.

Mr Wolf

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More info would help.

What's your budget?
Are you open to buying secondhand? (cos there's no good deals on new kit at the moment)
What, if any, HD audio sources do you have?
What 4K sources do you have?


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I'm open to buying second-hand as I talked my brother into buying a Pioneer SC-LX59 recently. My outgoing receivers are Denon 2809 and 3313.
No 4K sources but I'll be upgrading the TV and Sky Q package soon. We stream quite a bit from the likes of Netflix and Amazon.
Music source is Sonos but I might change to Bluesound. I do not use the CD player much.
The Yamaha you mentioned sounds familiar but is it capable of HDCP 2.2?

Mr Wolf

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I’m sure I’m missing something but what do you need to do that the Denon 3313 can’t?

If you’re streaming you’re on compressed audio formats anyway in which case just run ARC into the 3313 from the TV.


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both receivers have started playing up. For instance, on the 3313 only one HDMI output is working.
At present Sky is connected and I can't use the Apple TV or Blu-ray player without swapping connections. If I turn off the TV, the receiver stays on whereas before all I had to do is turn off the TV and the receiver shuts down.

Mr Wolf

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OK, I didn't know they were playing up. I thought you were just looking for an "upgrade" somehow.

If you're not going to be doing more than 7.1 then I'd probably look for a second hand pre-Atmos AVR of a similar vintage to the 3313, probably made between 2011 and 2013. They should all have HDMI 1.4 which supports ARC and CEC control.

I expect you should be able to get a good condition one for between £150 and £250. The RX-V2067 is one Yamaha model that would fit the bill but there are many more. Obviously anything newer would also work but they are likely to be less of bargain as the Atmos processing is in demand and would bump the price. If you like the idea of this then I suggest you dig into the review archives of various online magazines to create a shortlist of potential models so that you know what you're looking for.

I did this in 2017 when I was looking for an AVR for my living room system and picked up a mint condition 5 year old AVR-3312 for £165 that's still running very nicely.


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How about a Yamaha RX-V2067? It would be awesome for 5.1 and I know someone that could do you a great deal on one. @reevesy

yeah would consider letting mine go if interested ......was a £1000 receiver when released so no slouch

moved and downsized all my gear so still have this boxed up with all manuals/accessories , set up mic and 2 remotes

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