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Looking to upgrade my home cinema setup shortly and need some advice.

I'm looking to spend between £300-400 on the amp and another £250-300 on the sub

I'm currently using a pretty dated Pioneer package (the receiver is the VSX-C100) so anything would probably be a decent upgrade.

Speaker-wise, i've got newer Mordaunt Short ALUMNI bookshelf/centre speakers right now which I probably won't be changing for the time being, though the rears are from the Pioneer package so could do with an upgrade.

Im liking what i'm hearing about the Onkyo TX-NR609, likewise the Denon AVR2312 as well the cheaper Pioneer VSX921 for it's features. Any specific recommendations out of these?

Subs I haven't really looked at in as much detail but the Cambridge Audio MINX X200 is around my budget. Any other good options?

Also another totally n00b question - if I were to buy new floorstanding front speakers could my Mordaunt Short bookshelf speakers be used as rears effectively or do you need rear specific speakers?


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Hi and Welcome.

To answer your last question first,your Alumnis will be fine as surround speakers when you upgrade to floorstanding speakers at the front.

For Subwoofer Vfm,build quality and performance look HERE

I like Onkyo Receivers.The 609 is excellent value at the moment but unfortunately suffers the bad press of its earlier predecessors.Ignore that and enjoy one.

The Denons Ive always found to be unnecessarily complicated in set up and the Pioneers to be poor value for money.

Go for the Onkyo is my opinion.

Good luck,



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The Denon 2312 is a level above the Onkyo for not a lot more money so is really good value at the moment. For less than the 609 you could get the Denon 1912 which is the same level as the Onkyo so should give similar sound quality. This would leave more money for a better sub i.e. BK Electronics Monolith or XLS400. Another receiver to add to the mix would be the Yamaha 671.
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