New Receiver, Old Speakers.


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I'm new to this site. I'm looking for some advice on the settings for my speaker system and receiver.

Here's what I have:
1. Sony STR-DH 590 (just purchased)
2. Boston Acoustics HD8 (more than 20 years old)

3. Velodyne FSX-12 (20 years old) (correction: LPC is actually 40 to 120 Hz)

Here's my question: What would be a good Low Pass Crossover setting for these speakers using the Sony STR-DH 590?
My current setting are:
1. On the receiver, small speakers, 100Hz on the crossover
2. On the sub-woofer, direct RCA line into the receiver, volume around 10 to 11 o'clock, 100 on the Low Pass Crossover.

Things sound good so far.

Jsclevel in Maryland

Joe Fernand

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HD8 - try adjusting the crossover frequency and have a good listen, you’ll soon decide which setting works best in your room. The foam surrounds on the mid/bass driver may require looking at as they tend to perish.

Sub - ideally start with the Subs crossover control set to the bypass position so that only the AVR crossover is acting on the signal.



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Thanks for your response. I did check the back of the sub and the crossover was set to out/off. It sounds pretty good with the internal crossover in the receiver set at 100 Hz. By the way I'm only using the 2.1 speaker setup.

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