New Receiver: Do I need HDMI Input/Output?


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My current JVC Receiver doesn't have the 5.1ch analog inputs required to listen to SACD and DVD-A. Also, I just bought the Denon DVD-1920 which is connected through HDMI to my plasma tv and now the video lags behind the audio, and my receiver does not have an audio delay option.

So I'm in the market for a new receiver.

Since I believe it's important that brands match, I'm currently looking at Denon receivers. So far I'm particularly interested in the AVR-1906 because it has a lot of options and is relatively cheap (about $400 in my neck of the woods). The only thing it's lacking (AFAICT) is that it doesn't have any HDMI inputs/outputs.

But the thing I'm wondering about is: why would I need HDMI on my receiver? If there were multiple HDMI inputs then the HDMI switching would be nice, but as long as I only have one device with HDMI output (my DVD player), I don't need HDMI on the receiver, right? Or is there any other advantage I'm overlooking here?


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HDMI 1.1 inputs will give you a degree of futureproofing but it depends if you're actually planning on purchasing any other bits of kit that might use them (HD-DVD for example). With your current setup it's not necessarily needed if you go direct to the display.


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It depends on if your display has enough HDMI inputs for what you plan to buy that will need a HDMI connection. It also depends if you mind having a seperate switch box for the HDMI connections. If you don't then I'd spend the same amount of cash on a second hand setup and a HDMI switcher as it will sound better.


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Well, my tv only has one HDMI input. I'm not sure if and when I'll get something else with HDMI output. Right now, the DVD player is the only device but I may buy a DVR one day. If I actually need HDMI for DVR I'm not sure (we don't have HDTV here yet). Switching HDMI through the receiver would be nice of course, but I'm not sure it's worth the price difference between a Receiver with and a Receiver without (multiple) HDMI outputs.


I'm sorry but this is not a reply to the question above but I have the same question as this one. I am a new user for this forum and I am looking to purchase a complete home theater system. I'm very confused about the HMDIs. Some system are have the HDMI INPUT AND HDMI OUTPUT terminals. Then I read some where that the HDMI terminal can act as an INPUT and OUTPUT depending on how it is hooked up or something. Most system only have 1 HDMI output terminal like the one I am actually looking to purchase "Pioneer HTP-2950DV". I also have looked at "Panasonic SC-PT750" (which has 2 HDMI terminals ), and the "Sony HT-SS2000" (which has 3 HDMI ternimals). So needless to say I am total confused about this HDMI thing. Do I need to have both the INPUT and OUTPUT? Also how many input/output (terminals) do I need. ANy help is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for the help.

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