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Hi all,

I guess you get that question a lot here, but I'm thinking about refreshing my current receiver with a new version.

My setup is very easy and straightforward.

Samsung UE65JS9500L
Monitor Audio RX6 set, 5.1 setup
Apple TV Gen4

What do I expect from the system I'm looking for:

Self-configuring as much as possible, I'm kind of a noob in the audio world
Auto sensing the input to adapt settings (stereo, Dolby, etc. )
iOS app support
Dolby Atmos ready, I hear a lot of good stuff about this.
As small a possible.

What do I use it for: music (indie, pop, rock, industrial), Netflix (tv series and movies). In this order.
Regarding price, let's leave that open for the moment.


Thanks in advance!


The biggest influence on your choice of receiver is going to be your speakers which deserve a good mid range unit at the least. Therefore I would suggest the Denon AVR X4300H. Really easy on screen set up and room correction with Audyssey XT32.


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Also on your list should be the Yamaha RX-A1060 (or 2060, 3060). The Marantz SR7011 should also be considered.


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Thanks for the replies.
When considering the above three (or five) mentioned receivers, how should I compare these?


The Denon 4300 and Marantz 7011 are really sisters under the skin, the 7011 having a bigger deeper footprint. The Marantz is supposedly better for music, but if the 4300 is anywhere near as good with music as my 6200 then it is really marginal. The 4300 is now cheaper and the better buy.

The RX A1060 is in the same grouping as the Denon and Marantz, the others mentioned are definately higher end machines for which there is no current Marantz equivalent. The 2060 would be grouped with the Denon X6200 or 6300H, the 3060 against the Denon X7200.

Out of the Yamaha 1060, 2060, 3060, Denon X6200, 6300H, X7200, the Denon X6200 at it's current price point £1100 is by far the best receiver available, it's something of a steal. I would steer clear of the 6300H as it has an unresolved motherboard problem.

The Yamahas have better build quality but some may argue that the Denons have better room correction. You may find a retailer that stocks some or all of them for you to audition. Current prices Denon 4300 £749, 6200 £1099, 6300 £1199, 7200 £1995. Marantz 7011 £979. Yamaha 1060 £1099, 2060 £1499, 3060 £1999.

With your current speakers they will certainly sound good with the Denon 4300, Yamaha 1060 and Marantz 7011. The next step up would be the Denon 6200 or Yamaha 2060, the high tier being the Denon 7200 or Yamaha 3060. As I said previously my choice would be the Denon 4300.


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Comparing specs will tell you very little, you need to go and listen to them and see which you prefer the sound off. All offer similar features, as you move up the Yamaha range you will get better components and should hear some sound quality improvements but they will not be big jumps between each model.


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Generally the Yamaha models will run cooler and consume a little less power than the Denon and Marantz units. I know my current RX-V2067 stays fairly cool watching normal TV and only feels warm after a full on movie session. I know many others get hotter and this is reflected in their quoted power consumption figures.

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