New rears - Mordant Short 902i, KEF C1 or Wharfedale Diamond 9.1

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Got some money to replace my beat up old rear speakers.

I like the look of the KEF C1's but not sure how good they are. The Mordant Short match the rest of my system but they tend to sound a bit bright so not sure i want more of them. The Wharfedale's seem to get great reviews.

Current System:
- Denon 1909
- MS 904 Floorstanders
- MS Alumni 5 Center
- BK Gemini 2 Sub (arriving next week)
- Wharfedale CRS 3 (very old and badly abused, tweeters are falling apart)

I may upgrade my 904's some time, possibly to MS 914i or KEF C5. Guess the Diamond 9.5 is the Wharfedale option but no one seems to stock it and the 9.6 is a too pricey.

So I guess what i'm realy asking is should I stick with MS or move to KEF or Wharfedale?
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Rear speakers are not as critical as the others, but it is best that if they are not matched, then they are at least similar. So, in your case, I think most will recommend the Mordaunts.

However, it is up to you. If you plan to later upgrade to a different brand, then go with rears from the brand.

All the speakers you mention are good speakers, though I'm only vaguely familiar with the KEF 'C' series.

So, again, it first preferred that the speakers match, that is, they are the same brand and series, but not necessarily the same model. If not that, then they should at least be similar. If the fronts are Kevlar cones, then the rears should be also. Third, if that is not possible, most any good speaker will work in the rear. It all depends on how critical Tonal Balance is to your. To some tonal imbalance is very noticeable, but much more so in the front three, and to others, it's not that big a deal.

I'm sure that doesn't help much, but I can't tell you want to do, only what is typically believed and done by others.


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