New rear speakers required to match B&W setup


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Need to buy smaller, more discreet rear speakers to be either wall mounted or on small stands (small bases).

Fronts : DM603 S2s
Centre: CC6 S2
Rears currently : DM601 S2s
Sub: None yet (DM603s really good with the base but am told I would still be better off with a sub - but thats another debate)

I would like something at least as good as the DM601s and an improvement if I could but would like to make sure it matches. Don't want to go mad on price. Seen the B&W VM1s and other B&W stuff but not heard any.

Any views?


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I'll go to the smaller satellite size as long as it does not compromise 5.1 surround.


If you are going small only for the rear speakers than it won't be an issue. The B&W you suggested will be good enough (with less bass and accuracy, but hey if you gotta downsize you gotta downside, right?).


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If money is an issue check out mision ds range and whafferdale do a very simalir dipolar that goes pretty smothly against the wall.

Can't think of any b&w appart from those you have mentioned though, that will fit the bill as descrete. Althugh both ranges are descrete and you shpuld try and get a demo, people often use them in a full sat sub system and as your fronts will be taking care of the bass (and most rear effects are not bass driven anyway) they will probably be up to the job, I guess go an listen.

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