New rear-projection TV advice, please.


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I too am looking for a new TV, rear projection, and around 42".

My brother has the Toshiba 42WT29, but I wasn't impressed by the picture quality, and a review in What TV & Video magazine confirmed my disappointment that this particular model doesn't give as good a picture compared to other Tosh models.

Can you please suggest a good rear-pro model I can consider, as a start-looking-around point? The depth is important, not too fat so it gets in the way. In-built surround sound is not important, because I already have my Denon/Mission av-amp/speakers. Decent picture is important, of course. Some Tosh models boast IDTV. Is this important? NTSC compatability is important. They all seem to do 100Hz. Will this take PAL-60? (this is the way my DVD player outputs region-1 discs, also my Gamecube has a 60Hz feature for better pic quality :) ).

What important features should I be considering when looking for a new rear-pro TV?

Awaiting replies...



Just reading your log as regards the Tosh 42wt29b. I've recently purchased one and am very happy with it. The Picture is superb.

My brother has recently bought a panny plasma, and although the geometry of his screen is superior, I'd say the tosh is a very comparable and much cheaper alternative.
We both agree that the tosh colours and brightness on Monsters inc for example are incredible on the Tosh.

Take another look at the Tosh, has your brother got a good dvd source and interconnects? Is he using the component connection?


here is my experience with rps.

first i had a panasonic. good picture but it broke down after 1 day. it was replaced with the same model. This to broke down. Then it was discontinued after only a few months. mmm suspicous.
Then I got a Tosh 42wh18b. FANTASTIC set. BUT this packed in after 5 months and it was discontinued so I could only get the 42wt29 which had a inferior picture to the wh42. I have now got a Sony KP44pX2. WOW. It has the best picture of all 3. Looks more like a crt picture than that of an rp. Very vibrant and crisp. Auto convergence and a 44 inch screen. This set gets my thumbs up.



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