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From my other thread some of you will know that I had been having trouble cooling my Dign case since I swopped my processor to a XP2200+ with a Zalmann flower cooler. I was getting top off tempratures running Dscaler at 100%CPU of around 62C with the fan spinning at 1950rpm and 54C at idle. With the lid on, even with additional inlet and exhaust fans on the case tempratures were too high for comfort and the noise was horrendous.

After considering various options including a bigger fan for the Zalmann flower and maybe some ventilation holes in the top of the case, or watercooling I came across this which after reading the reveiws on the page I figured was worth a go. I also ordered an 80mm slow running Papst fan at the same time.

The cooler turned up this morning so I quickly set about installing it. It came with three additional cables for connecting the two fans on it to the motherboard headers which allow you to reduce the voltage going to the fans and thus slowing them down and reducing the noise.

First off I tried it with 12V and the lid off my case, no additional fans, this gave 45C at idle and 50C at 100% load with the fans spinning at 3300rpm, obviously very cool but a little loud.

Next I jumped fully in and tried the lowest voltage cable for 6V, this dropped the fans speed to 1900rpm which was quiet and upped the temprature to 48C at idle, 55 under load. These were the sort of numbers I'd been hoping for and was confortable with. I then connected the 60mm fan that came with the Dign case so that it blew air in towards the CPU and connected the papst 80mm fan which runs at 1500rpm (totaly silent) at the front so that it acted as an exhaust, did my best to get cables out of its way to make the path from the processor as clear as possible and then tested again, still with the lid off. 45C at idle, 52C at load.

Lid on time and tested again. 47C at idle, 50C running theatretek and 55C under full load with Dscaler.

To conclude, the new cooler is superb, it cools very well, allows a variety of install options depending on how quiet you want it and has an very easy to fit clip:) and I can relax about the tempratures.

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