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New Purchase Price/Percentage Ratio --> Speakers, Integrated Amp, DAC.


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Hello members,

I'm looking to get myself a stero setup and i was wondering what is the ideal price ratio to be decided for same. I'm working with £ 1500 budget and wanted to figure out how should i divide the money between the different components.

Is it ideal to spend more on the speaker or amp or dac ? If you had a £ 1500 budget or rather any budget then in what proportion/percentage would you spend the money ?

Is there a ideal/perfect formula to this ?




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If you are only looking for a DAC, what's your source? I.e PC/CD player/iPod?

Rough rule of thumb would be 10% on cables/interconnects then 30% on each of the source/amp/speakers. But that split could change if you go second hand which will get you more bang for your buck. Personally I'm a believer in rubbish in/rubbish out so I would spend a bit more on the source whatever that is and a bit less on the speakers.

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There is no ideal formula to this, some items that cost more money don't always sound great. When building a system from scratch I would start at source and work forward from there audiolab mdac, 8200a then some 12l's for instance. If you want floor standing then you may need to budget a bit more for those. 1.5k wil get you a good setup.



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As mentioned there are differing philosophies on this but most wisdom tends to favour 40-50% on speakers as they influence the sound the most, relatively speaking. Amplifier next and perhaps marginally less on source.


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Put £300 aside for acoustic treatment of room, with bass-traps, new wall-hangings etc. Makes a huge difference.

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There is no ideal formula to this

I agree. Digital audio throws everything up in the air a bit. Also, some items can be made and transported quite cheaply whilst others cannot.

For instance it's impossible to make good speakers cheaply. To be of good quality they have to use heavy, solid components and construction. Something like a DAC though can be produced in China quite cheaply and still be of good quality.

Amplifiers are kind of in between. To get a good one you need to use big transformers and capacitors so they're hard to build cheaply.

I'd buy a new DAC and used amp, probably a Naim, and used speakers. You could buy a killer system that way.


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some very informative ideas there... :) thank you guys.

i'm a bit new to hi-fi audio though i know the kind of sound i prefer.

- I like an easy on the ears, smooth kind of sound which is comfortable to listen for long hours. Basically fatigue free listening.
- At the same time i'd like the sound to be involving & exciting with a melodious character with a bit of detail. Taught bass with excellent vocals is preferred. I'm willing to add a Subwoofer. ( separate budget )
- I don't like clinical or bright sounding gear. I get instant discomfort from a harsh/bright/forward sounding speaker/amp combination. Almost makes my ear ring and gives me a headache. Probably my ears are very sensitive to treble.

My source will be PC and this will be a desktop setup.

I'd like to welcome suggestions for a Speaker ( Book Shelves ) + Amp + DAC combo from members here. Budget = £ 1500


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