New PSN ID "what will i lose?!" - trophies/save game data/game data


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Hi guys,

I have looked into getting a new PSN ID and have noticed it really isnt that straight forward when it comes to making a new one :(

My question is, does anyone know what i will lose by making a new PSN ID on the same console (not a new 1) and if there is a way around it?

I currently have quite afew trophies! (infact alot!) i have alot of save game data too and some DLC content from PSN Store itself.
Can any of this be moved over onto a new PSN ID or is it impossible to use a new PSN ID on the same console with old data?

I know trophies cannot be moved, this seems fair enough, but surely save game data can be moved onto a new psn id?... where does this stand with downloaded content too? (stuff like map packs and add-ons)? i understand stuff like call of duty online ranking will be back to level 1 etc as they are stored online but save game data and dlc? :confused:

Thankyou in advance,

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Trophies - No

Game Saves - Some of the them will be locked to the original account. The others can be used but of course you wont earn the trophies that have already gone by (so if your on level 5 of a game then the level1-4 trophies wont appear until you redo the levels.

DLC - can still be used so long as you leave the purchaser psn on your machine.


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I heard something about having a Japan account can allow your psn id to be changed at anytime - can this not be changed to a japan account in our current setup, change name then revert back to an english one? :confused:

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