New "ProV" type tuner/de-interlacer.

Paul D

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Just come across this little box with big claims!.

High Definition Tuner Box

Seems it is along the same lines as the ProV.

The price is £199.

Couple of note worthy points.

3.2 film mode and Pal video mode 2.2 pulldown

"Vertical Temporal filter" and "Motion-adaptive interfiled de-interlacing" seem interesting at the price.

Can output "component" via it's vga port.
May help with the VGA input on plasmas not doing the "just" mode etc. Just use the "supplied!" VGA to three phono and connect via component.

The remote looks ok, and it seems to do on screen menus.

Would be ideal if it had scart RGB input, but again it's not expensive so something has to give.

May give it a go.


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was wondering when they were going to put that on the site.. been advertised for the last 2-3 months along with the RGB scart to component converter.

think this box was discussed awhile ago - looks very much like this one bar some slight front panel changes... only $139 there.:confused:

the true ntsc and pal progressive support is a plus, but unlike the pro-v it only does VGA or standard 480p/576p - no higher. the prov does SVGA or XGA resolutions.
then again the prov converts everything to a 60Hz VGA so I guess there are pros/cons to both.

anyone have news of the briteview thing that av-sales had info on a month ago or so?
that did the same 480p/576p as this HDTV tuner box, and the higher VGA resolutions, plus the addition of component in.

keep us upto date if you buy one Fulabeer.

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