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Hi all,

First post to say that I've joined the ranks of AE100 owners after several years of desire for the "big picture", and I would like to record my gratitude to the many members of this forum for the hints/tips/opinions etc. which have been interesting/useful/frustrating over the past couple of months.

I'm driving the Panny with a laptop - fairly standard Dell model, with ATI Mobility graphics. I'm getting the Panny to recognise W480 using a resolution of 848*480 using Powerstrip, and a Sony Widescreen Monitor driver. It appears as though the graphics won't recognise the 856*480 specs culled from previous (and extremely helpful - thanks guys !) posts here and across on AVSforum. Also, if I try to adjust colour with Powerstrip though, the machine crashes in a "freeze" - the only way to clear it is to completely power it down. Any suggestions on how to improve the situation would be gratefully received.

Any way - how did I get here and what do I think ??

Step 1 - borrowed Mitsubishi proj - loud, but impressed by big image, as was rest of family.

Step 2 - Great support from my wife - put up with lots of tecno-wittering and loves the big screen !

Step 3 - demoed Sony Cineza and Panny - poor demo ~Sony much quieter/cooler running than Panny, picture from either unimpressive - poorly set up in shop with lots of noise/ light spill, other TVs on etc - unimpressed.

Step 4 - demoed Philips Monroe - impressed - quiet, decent picture and this was the fav.

Step 5 - Demoed Panny in different dealer - wow ! My wife said "This is more like it !". We were both convinced and I did the deal in the following days. It cost more than an Internet price, and a bit more than the STG£1250 kind of prices some of you guys manage but I'm happy with the proj and confident that the dealer will assist if necessary.

Built a screen - 7ft wide - following hints on previous threads - blackout lining stretched on a frame.

Dead pixels - none. Screen door - yes, but it doesn't bother me - the image from the laptop is so good that a slight de-focus sitting 12 ft away from a 7ft wide image makes it look filmic.

We watched Monsters Inc last night with my daughters and the image quality was absolutely stunning - rock steady and brilliant. LotR is another feast for the eyes.

I'm seriously considering a ProV for cable tv - current tv picture quality while fine on a 28" widescreen, via composite into the Panny isn't great. I would be interested in hearing more from current users of this piece of kit what the effect on TV signals is like -

Does it outpout a true Pal Progressive TV signal ?

What resolutions can you set the ProV to ? W480 ?

To wrap up - The Ritz was the fist cinema my mother brought me to, and I continued to go there through to my teens. Its long since shut down, and the building is now used for something else.

Lastly - thanks agan to members for advice and opinions - it would be unfair of me to mention any in particular - but I'll do it anyway (if you think you should be mentioned, PM me with your name on the back of a £10 note and I'll see what I can do in future "hall of Fame" posts !

Thanks to (in no particular order)....

Chris Frost
.....................and all others.

Sean G.


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Hi Donnacha,

Yipo its the dogs danglies and the cat's pyjamas all rolled into one. When we got it home first I had a whithe sheet stalpled to the wall and viewed dvd thru composite - and was still impressed.
I've had a Dolby Pro-logic system since '94 or thereabouts and had longed for a big image to go with it. But when I got it running with the laptop - wow - I realised what a lot of the posts here had been about. It really is stunning - completely rock steady, no dot crawl, jagged edges, brilliant colours the lot. My wife noticed the difference immediatley, and we had both had a "how much better could it be" attitude. We are now discussing building a HTPC - my wife and I are both techies, so I'm researching/considering how to make one which looks/acts like a regular piece of av equipment.

I'm ever so slightly put out that I can't get true 856*480 to work - 848*480 leaves a grey border around the image that I'd love to get rid of. I'm hoping (probably in vain) that someone out there has used the ATI Mobility route and can give me a fix. I'm working on a black velvet border for my screen at the mo and I might be happy enough when I can overscan the border. But this is really piffling. It is a super image, both in XGA and W480.

Good luck -

Sean G.


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Sean, sounds great. Unfortunately I'm still running S-vid from the standalone player, and I don't have the screen permantley fixed yet. The HC will be in the loft which has an awkward ceiling, so I'm waiting my girlfriend's dad to do his DIY business - I'm absolutely useless, - enthusiastic, but ueseless!.

My plan is to have the dedicated loft ready for Nov. 12th for Ep2 and LOTR Director's Cut. I've got the PJ, a makeshift screen (but doe the job nicely), the DVD player (will upgrade evntually) and the DD/DTS Amp. All I need is to paint the place, get the seating in, and sort out a good Sat/Sub speaker system (looking at the Kef "Eggs"). I reckon I can have a "1st Draft" ready for 12th Nov!!

Still the image is very good for the time being - and I'm only too excited that it can actually get better. I tried to hook it up to me PC, but my graphics card ain't up to much - still looked on par with the DVD player.

Anyway, here's to thousands of hours of Home cinema enjoyment, no more people munching popcorn in your ear, no more yapping in the background, beer when you want it, pause for a nature break, rewind when you missed abit - bliss!!!



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