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Question New projector set up... please advise.


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Hi so I want to ditch my TV and go with a projector set up.
My main siting position is 5.5m away from the screen.
The screen will need to be a pull down screen fixed to the ceiling. In keeping with the room style the screen casing needs to be black.
I have patio doors behind the screen however I'm assuming this is ok?
the projector will be positioned 1m behind my seating position.
My patio doors are 4m wide so imagine i could easily fit a 100 or 120 inch pull down screen.
For now i don't want to go with an electric screen.
Speakers i have a Sonos beam and two One's so would like it to fit with these. If its alexa controlled even better!

I'd like to spend sub £1k on the setup if this will still get me a high def good level set up ?

I'll be hugely grateful if people can advise which screen and projector i should go for.

Many thanks,
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Benq w1700 would fit nicely or one of the Optomas, sports HQ do a 120inch motorised screen to get you started can paint the case black easy enough. Shop around should be able to get it all within your budget.


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Can anyone recommend a 100/120 inch pull down screen.
First time user and I can't be faffing with an electric screen install just yet.


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I'm thinking of picking this up

120-Inch Pull-Down Projector Screen

It's so cheap but ticks the boxes, black case and pull down. Not sure what the quality will be like, hopefully not total crap ...?

As it appears to only pull down as far as the image is high. The top of the image will be at ceiling level, is this an issue? I have to have it coming from the ceiling as its being positioned in front of patio doors.

Talking of which...
Can anyone advise if having the screen being pulled down and therefore blocking maybe two thirds of the sunlight entering the room. They still be a fair amount of light entering the room but no direct light on the screen. Is it only direct light i need to owrry about ? Or indirect light as well??


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With regards to the projector I'll be going for either Benq w1700 or Optoma UHD40.

Its annoying that neither come in black ?

Anyone with views which one they'd pick?

Also how do i check I have enough distance to project or enough range? Total newb here... Projector will be 7m away from the screen and positioned off set to the right by half a screen. Will both cope and how do i check this?


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