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I finally decided to enhance my home cinema experience, and added a projector to the nice sound that I already have. I bought a Sharp xv-c20, and I expect it to arrive home this week. I thought it would be nice if I started already looking for a screen to project on, since my wall is not very adequate for the job. Now, my big question mark is: how big?
My living room is 6.2x3.5 meters, with the sofa in the center (a little bit [~40 cm] back, though), and the screen will be on one of the 3.5 m wide walls.
In short, my wall is 3.5 meter wide, and I will sit 3.6 away from it.
I have no idea about it, so I'd like some advice.
My impression is that a 2 meter wide screen should do right.

The second question is how good? To avoid technical details, let's talk about it in term of money: how expensive? And if it is second hand?

Next week I will go crazy trying to wall-mount the projector, hanging the screen and setting everything up. I can't wait!


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Accepted wisdom is that a seating distance of 1.5-2 screen widths away is good. The exact distance is then down to personal preference. We went for a 2.13m screen and 3.3m away. We also tested down to about 1.9m wide (which is similar to your proposed viewing angle) and it was perfectly ok, but we prefered a slightly more immersive viewing experience.

Test it against a white wall or a sheet before you buy the screen if you can.

Average quality 2m wide electric screens start at about £450


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Thanks for the answer. Finally, financial reasons were strong, since I could find a 1.80x1.80 m^2 manual screen (one of these that roll... Don't know the name in english, but in german they are "rolloleinwand"...) for 50 euro, while the cheapest for 2 meter wide was more than twice that price... Unbeatable!! So I went for that, since it is not my final destination, I can be more than happy. It is already installed, and waiting for the projector, which should arrive this week. I went to a thx cinema this weekend (Troja, worth the money for the special effects, but not much more...), and I think the viewing angle I had was the same I will have at home. I found perfect the place were we sat, no closer and no further, so I know I will be satisfied.
Thanks again and greetings,


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