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New project!


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Hi All,

I am hoping to commence a new project soon and would welcome any advice.

I am based in SW London and will also be looking for any fitters/installers as my technical knowledge is pretty limited!

I currently have a 50" Plasma and I am looking to mount this onto some sort of MDF partitition type board (with some lighting behind it).

I also want a projector and an electronic screen (approx 92"). I am not a big gamer, so will be using the projector mainly for DVD's.

I already have a PC and a Blu-Ray in the room, so I hope to also connect these to the projector.

In terms of kit, I am looking for the following (hopefully second hand and sourced from these forums!)

Motorised Screen
Speaker system (no idea where to start with this!)

I don't really know where to start - I want to do all this on a budget so can't afford to buy everything new from one supplier.....

Thanks in advance :)


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:hiya: These forums are a great place for this kind of stuff, you should get quite a few ideas and responses, for some inspiration check out the members home cinema gallery thread.

Three questions that'll get everyone's think tanks going:

Whats your budget?

How big is the room?

Is it a dedicated home cinema room (ie can it be painted or decorated however you like)?- If not what are the limitations in terms of what you could get away with decorating wise.


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Thank you for the quick response!


After spending some time looking at the classifieds and other areas of the forum, I have estimated the following (I may be way of with these estimations so happy to be corrected):

Projector + Screen (hopefully I can get a package) - £400 - £600
Speakers - £100
Lighting - £50 - £100

I am expecting everything else to cost £200-£300 so my budget is £1000-£1200.

Room size:

I will measure the room tonight. The room is actually a conservatory (with blinds to block out the light). Approximately 6m x 3m and I hope to have seating at one end and the screen at the other - so I can sit approx 6 metres away from the screen MAX.

It isn't a dedicated room - but there isn't much in it at the moment.


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It being a conservatory, does that mean the projector cant be ceiling/wall mounted?

I would put £200 towards speakers if i were you, its gonna take an amp/speaker type combination.

If you had to take money away from something else to do that then away from the projector/screen.

I'll put together a list of what i might get under the same scenario shortly.

Is the projector going to be used around any light sources?
What colour is the room painted, and can that be redone?


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Yes - there is nothing to support the projector so I think I would need some sort of shelf for the actual projector and the screen will need to be attached to the wall as oppose to the ceiling (if that makes sense) - will get some pictures of the room up later.

The room is painted in white/beige and unfortunately cannot be re-painted!

In terms of light sources, I don't think I understand the question sorry! There are currently lights at each end of the room, but was hoping to put some sort of tube lighting around the mdf...


Distinguished Member

The projector could sit on a shelf on the back wall- assuming its a wall and not glass, wall mounting the screen is easy enough.

It was incase the room let in light from anywhere- a window or something similar, light really kills a projected image so the room needs to let in as minimal to no light as is possible, but sounds like youve already got blackout blinds so thats sorted.

If youre sticking with white walls you are going to need a grey screen, the projector throws x amount of light and it all hits the screen but gets reflected off it as well so whiter walls mean more reflections means dulled image, grey screen can help to negate that as it increases contrast and blacks are blacker, less reflection from the screen i think.


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Yes the back and front walls are actual walls as oppose to glass.

I see what you mean about light - luckily we have blinds (or will do soon!)

The conservatory is actually glass all the way round - only white walls are front and back really - hopefully the pictures I take tonight will show exactly what I mean....


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I have now managed to to add some pictures showing both sides of the room as well as the glass roof.

Thanks in advance!


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