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Hi Everyone,

Inspired by some of the builds on here thought I'd join in and start a post about the beginning of my own project.... and take the opportunity to pick your brains at the same time.

I have a small extension being built next week which then leads to walls coming down and eventually a new 50sqm kitchen / dining / lounge open space. I have no idea of the best layout for this area, going with the architects design for now (see pic). I also only have a basic understanding of the equipment I should be researching too - so I would appreciate any help I can get from you :)

Requirements are audio in the kitchen - thinking two wife friendly discrete ceiling speakers either end of the kitchen island, and also audio in the dining space, again ceiling speakers either end of the table. I understand this is best for stereo effect, but is wall mounted in the corners going to be better? I'd quite like to be able to select either or both areas, depending on the mood, and when in party mode, I want it loud 😁.

In the lounge and TV watching area, I think the room shape and large glass sliding doors rules out having full surround sound quality, but would like some form of upgrade, maybe a soundbar below the TV, and rear speakers behind the sofa? TV will be mounted on the wall opposite the sofa shown, there is a small picture window above it.

Just for information really, In the adjacent utility cupboard I have my network equipment and where I've terminated cat6 wiring for the rest of the house, I also distribute the TV etc. from here. This is where I would be housing amps and other equipment. The source of my music is usually Spofity / BBC sounds which play from an Alexa / Phone.

Thanks for looking and welcome any suggestions 👍Updates to follow!




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1st update, groundwork started and speaker positions added to my floorplan, I am now thinking of putting a 2:1 system in for TV viewing, but also having the option of having this as one zone for music listening, and the 4 ceiling speakers as a second, playing both together if required.

I am assuming for now that 4 speakers will provide a more balanced sound in the kitchen / dining zone, rather than 2 larger ones in the middle. It is going to be 32sqm of the overall 50sqm space and not a particularly high ceiling so my next assumption is that 6" speakers will be powerful enough, sure there's some calculation out there that can confirm this, any ideas? Will probably be a week or so before ceiling comes down and start looking into the cable routing.

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speaker layout.png

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Speaker locations are fine.

Should you want bass from the speakers consider 8”.

We usually use Origin Acoustics as their 8” speaker uses the same cut out as the 6” and they have a wide range of price points depending on the quality required.

An 8” driver will give lower extension.

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